Oakley Park

Situated in Fleet, just a few minutes walk from the high street and station, Oakley Park covers five acres and consists of two distinct areas. A three acre open space with leisure facilities including a full size football pitch, picnic benches, a kick wall, basketball hoop, tyre swing, climbing boulders and a children’s play area with swings. The main park area is ideal for people of all ages, disabled person friendly and fully enclosed. There are a number of cameras within the park, managed by the council, which monitor the activities around the childrens play area and the local constabulary often visit, especially in the evenings, to make sure the park is kept a safe place to visit. There are a number of pathways and a large open area for people to enjoy.

The remaining two acres is a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation (SINC). Comprising of native woodland, this area is teaming with a diverse wildlife including a protected species of bats and a variety of birds, reptiles, foxes and squirrels. There is also a small pond with a number of streams which flow through the park and woodland which eventually feed into Fleet Pond.

The woodland area was purchased by Hart District Council in 1972. In April 2010, the newly formed Fleet Town Parish Council took over responsibility for the management of Oakley Park.

Oakley park has quite a history. Originally donated to the people of Fleet by James Oakley, a wealthy land owner, the park is now a very social area for everyone to enjoy. [more]

Friends of Oakley Park

Established in 1989 by residents concerned about the lack of investment in the park, Friends of Oakley Park aims to be the “community voice” in matters relating to the park. A not-for-profit community group, run by a management board of volunteers whom meet regularly to review the financial status and agree future activities. We are funded by members subscriptions, donations and grants.

The Friends objectives, formalised in a written Constitution are:

   To work towards maintaining and improving Oakley Park for the benefit of the local community, in partnership with the local Council.

   To encourage the preservation and maintenance of Oakley Park woods as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) and to promote their use as a public    amenity.

The Friends activities, run mostly during the summer period, include holding working parties to support the work of Fleet Town Council, developing and maintaining the Pavilion Garden and organising events for the local community and to encourage children’s interest in the natural world.

The program of events include, an annual Easter Egg Hunt, a Tree Shake, a Fungi Foray, building bug & bee hotels and bring & buy plant sales. Events are published in the local press and by posters on the information boards in the park area. All events are free although donations are allways gretefully received.

Since the inception of the Friends of Oakley park, we have worked with the council to upgrade the playground, built the pavillion gardens, attained a grant from the National Lottery for the popular climbing rocks, installed new signage, an interpretation board and two new picnic benches. In the woodland we are concentrating on opening up an overgrown glade that is suffering from encroachment by holly and an invasion of bramble. Just a few changes we have been able to make with the limited resources we have available.

The Friends of Oakley Park have a Social evening and AGM which is normally held in January. usually in the Church of Our Lady Hall, Kings Road, Fleet. Primarily for the membership and the board of directors to report on the previous years successes, it is also a social evening with refreshments and a guest speaker.

Anyone interested in finding out more about us or wishing to join may atend the AGM, all we ask is you contact the Chairman with your details so we know you will be coming.

Summer photos of the park