Membership is open to everyone. The membership fees, donations and sponsorship monies are only used to maintain and improve the park for the benefit of the local community.

By joining us either as a member of the Committee, a sponsor or volunteer you become involved with a community who are passionate about our environment and Oakley Park. A community group that has built strong links with the local council and other bodies.

Members may help with the events, attend the Annual General Meeting, where you can vote on the proposals for the forthcoming year and have a say in what the 'Friends' would like to achieve. Receive a biannual newsletter showcasing the members achievements.

If you don’t have the time available to personally help, you can be sure your membership fee is being put to good use in providing even more facilities within the park.

Membership Fees - Household Membership is £

Membership fees can be paid by standing order, bank transfer or by post - the Friends do not advise the sending of cash in the post.

Members who prefer a bank transfer, please contact the secretary for our banking details.

You can download a 'Standing Order' form' [here] Members who are disabled or have problems travelling can book a pre-arranged home visit to collect the membership fee. Please contact us by phone, email or use our [contact form] to arrange an appointment.

To contact the Friends

The Secretary

The Friends of Oakleypark, 17 Burnside, Fleet, GU51 3RE

telephone - 01252 617321 - email - [] - or via our [contact form]